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Short Description

Plan B (generic name: Levonorgestrel; brand names: Levonelle / NorLevo / Postinor) is an emergency contraception pill. It can prevent pregnancy up to 72 hours after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.

Plan B contains two pills taken 12 hours apart that contain a higher dose of levonorgestrel, a hormone found in many birth control pills that healthcare professionals have been prescribing for more than 35 years. Plan B works in a similar way to prevent pregnancy. Plan B will not affect an existing pregnancy.

You can use Plan B after you've had unprotected sex one or more times in the last 72 hours (3 days), and you don't want to become pregnant.

Plan B can be used as a backup method to birth control if, for example:

Your regular birth control failed (your partner's condom broke or slipped)
You made a mistake with your regular method (you forgot to take your birth control pills)
You didn't use any birth control method.

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